Senior Dog Care

Did you know that dogs don’t all age at the same rate? Larger pups enter their golden years fastest, with some becoming seniors as early as age six. Small breeds, on the other hand, may not reach their golden years until they are ten, eleven, or even older. Medium-sized dogs…

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Chiropractic Care for Pets

You’ve likely heard of chiropractic care for people, but did you know that it’s also becoming quite popular as a treatment for pets? You may know that chiropractic care has been used on larger animals, particularly horses. It’s also been used to help many other animals, such as turkeys, pigs, elephants,…

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Giving Your Dog Treats

Does your canine pal enjoy treats? If not, you may want to make Fido an appointment, as that is definitely unusual for dogs! Giving your pup snacks isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some things to consider. A Wichita, KS vet lists some of them below. Limit People Food…

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Resolutions for You and Fido

Happy New Year! Do you have big plans for 2021? As we start a new year, many people take time to think about what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. Why not include your pup in your goals? A   Valley Center, KS vet lists some great resolutions for…

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Holidays With a Senior Cat

Is your cat in—or entering—her senior years? If so, you’ll want to pay your kitty some extra attention over the next month or so. This can be a dangerous and stressful time of year for pets! Here, a Wichita, KS veterinarian discusses keeping Fluffy happy and purring over the holidays. …

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Winter Dog Care

Does your dog like the cold? Or does Fido give you that reproachful look when you go to take him out on a frigid day? Regardless of your furry friend’s opinion on things like snow and ice, he’ll benefit from some extra TLC at this time of year. Here, a…

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Obesity in Cats

Our feline bu ddies really are very cute. However, their charms sometimes work against them. Many people love to pamper their beloved pets by giving them extra food and treats. Your cat will be much healthier staying at (or at least near) her ideal weight. If you have a chubby kitty…

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Microchipping Basics

Has your pet been microchipped yet? If not, you’ll want to see to this right away. This is a small, simple procedure that can have huge ramifications. It could even save your pet’s life! A Valley Center, KS veterinarian goes over some basics of microchipping in this article. Meet The…

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Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your kitty have a few things of her own? Fluffy doesn’t have any qualms about making herself comfortable on your things, but she will appreciate having some pieces of her own. While picking out your feline buddy’s ‘purrniture’ isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some things to consider. A…

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7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Our animal companions are much more than furry, four-legged roommates. They’re part of the family! Being a good pet owner goes far beyond simply filling your pet’s bowl and giving them ear scritches and couch space. When you adopt a pet, you’re responsible for your little (or not so little)…

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