Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your kitty have a few things of her own? Fluffy doesn’t have any qualms about making herself comfortable on your things, but she will appreciate having some pieces of her own. While picking out your feline buddy’s ‘purrniture’ isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some things to consider. A local Wichita, KS vet goes over a few of them below.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are an absolute must for cats. Fluffy is instinctively driven to keep her claws sharp, so it’s important to give her a suitable nail-care station. (Otherwise, she’ll just use your couch.) Make sure that your pet’s scratching post doesn’t wobble. This could make your kitty quite wary of it! We also recommend getting something that is tall enough to allow your furry buddy to stretch as she’s doing her nails.


Our feline pals are collectively very, very tired. Fluffy will spend the vast majority of her time sleeping, resting, and looking cute. Make sure your pet has some comfy beds to look adorable in. The main rule of thumb here? The more beds, the better.

Cat Towers 

Cat towers are great options, as they help kitties fulfill many of their needs; specifically, the needs to scratch, nap, climb things, and stare at their humans. If you have a kitten, get something that incorporates lots of toys and playthings. If you have multiple cats, pick pieces that will fit all of your furry friends at once. Our feline friends can get quite jealous of each other, and they sometimes bicker over resources. It’s worth noting that if you find all of your cats on the cat tower at the same time, the furball in the highest spot is likely the ‘boss cat,’ the one that is at the top of the kitty pecking order.

Kitty Tents

Fluffy may act bold and fearless at times, but she’s quite small and vulnerable, and can get frightened easily. Understandably, kitties tend to feel safe and comfortable in small, enclosed spaces. Get Fluffy a pet tent or condo. A cardboard box will also work.

Window Seats

Do you often find your cat at the window? Fluffy is much safer indoors, but she really does enjoy watching birds and squirrels. Get your kitty a comfy window seat!

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