Health Screening Tests

At Sweetbriar Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to ensuring your pet of every age is happy and healthy. We have partnered with our reference laboratory to offer a package of diagnostics that ensures your pet is healthy inside and out. Screening for common health issues like liver and kidney disease can help our team intervene early and develop a treatment plan. For both dogs and cats, our essential wellness panel includes:

CBC (complete blood count): this test measures the number and types of white blood cells, and the number of red blood cells. If your pet has irregularities in this test, it can indicate a health issue that may need to be addressed.

Complete Chemistry: this test checks your pet’s blood sugar, liver and kidney function, electrolytes, thyroid hormone levels and other critical values to indicate your pet’s health.

UA (Urinalysis): this test checks your pet for evidence of kidney disease and can inform our team if your pet has an underlying urinary tract infection which will require treatment.

Fecal (checking for intestinal parasites): this test uses special technology to accurately detect five different intestinal parasites in the stool. If intestinal parasites go undetected, it can lead to potential diarrhea, ill-thrift, blood loss, and some of these worms can be spread to humans.

Heartworm and Tick-Borne Disease Test (Dogs): this test checks to see if your pet is infected with heartworm disease and three different tick transmitted diseases which can be life threatening to your pet.

Heartworm and FIV/FeLV Test (Cats): this test checks to see if your cat is infected with heartworm disease, Feline Immunodificiency Virus or Feline Leukemia Virus. Both virus cause immune suppression in cats and can increase the risk for infection and underlying diseases. Also, heartworm disease has no approved treatment in cats and can be life threatening.