Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

Summer is just around the corner. One thing that pet parents need to be aware of at this time of year is the danger that heat can pose to our canine companions. Fido can’t sweat to cool off, and he can’t exactly get himself a glass of ice water. Keeping your pooch properly hydrated is the best thing you can do to protect him from the hot weather. A Wichita, KS vet offers some advice on this below.


First and foremost, keep Fido’s water bowl filled. You may need to refresh it a few times a day when it gets really hot out. You can also drop a few ice cubes into your pup’s dish. If you have more than one pet, a big dog, and/or a large home, set out more than one water station. Your four-legged friend may also appreciate a doggy water fountain.


Some of our canine pals like chewing on ice cubes. You can give your furry friend a few to crunch on when it’s really hot out. Just don’t go overboard: too much ice at once isn’t safe for Man’s Best Friend.


Water isn’t the only option for hydration. Sodium-free broth is also a great bet. Give Fido a bowl of beef, chicken, or fish broth on hot days. You can also freeze some in ice cube trays and give it to him that way.

Water On The Go

Many of our canine buddies love going to parks and beaches at this time of year. Just make sure to bring water with you whenever you take your pup out and about. Get Fido some collapsible dishes or a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser. These are great to keep in your car, just so you always have them.


Keep hydration in mind when choosing your furry pal’s snacks. Offer Fido options like doggy ice cream. You can also make him some frozen treats. Pour water over bits of kibble, crushed-up treats, or snacks, and freeze them in ice cube trays or waxed paper cups. Your pet may also enjoy things like frozen fat-free yogurt or organic baby food, which have higher water content than things like jerky or dried snacks. Just make sure they don’t contain anything that isn’t safe for dogs.

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