Keeping Kitty Hydrated

Summer is in full swing now. Staying hydrated is extremely important at this time of year, for both people and pets. This is especially crucial for cats, as drinking lots of water is really their best defense against overheating. A Valley Center, KS vet discusses keeping your furball properly hydrated below.

Water Stations

First and foremost: make sure that Fluffy always has fresh, cool water available. You may want to set out more than one water station, especially if you have a large house and/or more than one cat. If you have a senior feline, or more than one level in your home, keep water bowls on every floor. On really hot days, drop an ice cube into your kitty’s water bowl to cool it off for her.

Kitty Fountains

Have you ever found Fluffy drinking from the faucet? Many cats prefer to drink running water. This may be a throwback to when our feline pals ran wild, as running water is less likely to be contaminated by algae or parasites than standing water. Consider getting your furry friend a pet fountain.


Sodium-free broth is also a good option. It contains electrolytes, which can help keep your cute pet properly hydrated. Offer Fluffy a chilled bowl on occasion.


In the wild, cats always eat their prey fresh. Therefore, they would naturally get some of their moisture content from their food. This is one area where canned food definitely scores more points than dry food. That’s something to keep in mind when weighing the pros and cons of kibble versus canned food.


You can also keep moisture in mind when choosing your furry pal’s treats. Fluffy may like some chilled squeezable treats, or perhaps some tuna and tuna juice over shaved ice. If you really want to spoil your furry pal, try making her a cat food smoothie: mix some canned cat food with a little water and broth, and perhaps some tuna.


It may seem like milk is a great option, but it actually isn’t. Contrary to popular belief, most kitties actually can’t digest milk after they have stopped nursing. However, you may be able to find cat milk, which is specially formulated for our feline friends.

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local Valley Center, KS animal clinic, today!