Keeping Fluffy Fit

Cats are very active when they are young. It’s always adorable seeing a frisky kitten pouncing on things! However, Fluffy tends to run out of steam pretty quickly. After those first few years, you’ll notice that those bursts of energy are getting fewer, shorter, and further between. Eventually, your feline pal will evolve into an adorable couch potato, and spend most of her time napping. This is really cute, but it’s not great for your pet’s health or waistline. Read on as a local Valley Center, KS vet offers some tips on keeping Fluffy fit.


First and foremost, make sure that your furry friend has plenty of toys to pounce on. Cats all do have their own specific likes and dislikes here. Fluffy may like wand toys, Gizmo may prefer squeaky mice, and Mittens may just want to bat a bottlecap around. Offer your furball a variety of fun playthings.


All is fair in love, war, and pet health. Our feline buddies are more or less wired to want to chase things. Every now and then, toss a toy or a crumpled-up ball of paper down the hall for your kitty to ‘hunt.’ She’ll probably run after it out of sheer curiosity. Hey, every little bit counts!


Interactive play is also great for keeping cats in shape. Use a wand toy or laser pointer to pique Fluffy’s interest and really get her going. This will also help your fuzzy buddy stay loved and safe.

Kitty Furniture

Cats love to explore things. They also enjoy heights. Get Fluffy some furniture that will encourage her to stay active. Cat towers are great for this. You can also get your kitty some pet tents or tunnels, or make her a catwalk. You can even buy your feline friend an exercise wheel! (Just don’t be surprised if she chooses to nap on it rather than run on it.)


This one is definitely not going to be right for all cats. However, if Fluffy is bold and fearless, and/or was formerly allowed to go outside, she may actually like going for walks. Just start slow, and give her time to get used to the leash and harness outdoors. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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