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Obesity in Cats
November 19, 2020

Our feline bu ddies really are very cute. However, their charms sometimes work against them. Many people love to pamper their beloved pets by giving them extra food and treats. Your cat will be much healthier staying at (or at least near) her ideal weight. If you have a chubby kitty on your hands, read on! A Wichita, KS veterinarian discusses kitty obesity below.

Health Risks

Even being just a few pounds overweight can have a detrimental effect on your furry buddy’s health and well-being. Obese pets are at higher risk of developing many different medical issues. That list includes heart disease, skin problems, respiratory issues, diabetes, bone/joint disorders, and even certain cancers. Other risks include increased odds of surgical complications, reproductive issues, and liver or kidney trouble. Yikes!


Just like with people, diet plays a huge role in your kitty’s overall weight. It’s actually very easy to overfeed a cat … especially one that treats seeing the bottom of her bowl as a crisis. Even giving Fluffy just ten calories too many each day can cause her to gain a pound a year. That’s a significant amount of weight for a kitty. (To be fair, Fluffy is very, very good at training her humans to feed her on demand. Don’t let that cute meow fool you!) 

Quality also matters. Many cheaper foods contain fillers like wheat and corn, which are high in carbs. Give your feline pal a high-quality food, one that contains mostly meat, fish, or poultry. Ask your vet for more information, including serving sizes and suitable treats.


We kn ow, you probably won’t be very successful in getting Fluffy to do stair runs. However, you can trick her into moving by playing with her regularly. Even a few minutes of playing ‘Catch The Red Dot’ will help. You can also try throwing a ball down the hall. Your cat will probably run after it out of curiosity. (Some kitties will play Fetch , though this is more the exception than the rule.)

Treatm  ent

Is your feline friend too round? Is Fluffy not just fluffy? Consult your vet before making any adjustments to her menu. Kitties must trim down slowly. Crash diets are extremely dangerous for animals, and can cause major issues with their metabolism.

As your Wichita, KS veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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